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Yvy spent her life discovering what it meant to live authentically, and realised that her truth lay in her identity as an Indian transgender woman. After discovering who she was, Yvy ensured that nothing would impede her from evolving into the woman she always knew she was, despite her upbringing in a Muslim community and the many obstacles she faced, as her journey took her to places she never thought she’d venture to.


As the continuing story from Tainted Beauty, Yvy takes you even deeper, reliving her experiences with relationships, culture, family and finding strength through adversity.


Yvolved is a personal, intimate and unapologetic story of a woman who is not afraid to break the social construct of gender and affirm her queer identity.


SKU: 364215375135191
  • Published: 18/08/2023 Paperback

    Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers 
    ISBN: 9781398451537 
    Number of pages: 290 
    Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

  • UK Standard Royal Mail

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